Sometimes I bash a keyboard and produce code, other times I produce blogs 👩‍💻
A duck sat in their pink wallpapered office typing on their keyboard, which two desktop screens: one displays a command line and the other displays a generic desktop wallpaper. Also on the desk there is a cactus, coffee mug, pen pot, book, and a mouse. There is light shining in from the window.
Working as a Software Engineer might look a little different to what you expect (illustration by @jy.paint)

Back in the (crazy) year of 2020, I graduated from university. In doing so I got myself a Computer Science and Mathematics degree and also secured my first graduate job (yay!). Since then, I have been working as a Software Engineer at TomTom.

This is how that has been going…

What the first week was like

A duck character driving a red car down an empty road towards the sunset. There are wind turbines and electrical poles on the left, and a city skyline to the right.
A congestion-free world would improve our lives in many ways, and not just on the road (illustration by @jy.paint)

The year 2020 saw everyone’s lives changed somehow by the COVID-19 pandemic. Overnight, across the world, many workers changed from commuting to working from home.

For those able to work from home, you may have noticed how much more free time you have (which is fantastic). …

A bird character that has a lightbulb above its head, surrounded by lots of other lightbulbs.
When you have that ‘lightbulb moment’, nothing can stop you (illustration by @jy.paint)

After spending 16 years in education and starting my first job as a software engineer, I thought I would love the feeling of never having to study again. No more late nights trying to figure out the solution to an obscure mathematics problem. No more running to university to hand…

Katie Snell

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